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Studio Upgrades

At LM Productions, we have been busy upgrading the creative lab at our Eastbourne headquarters. We have done this by making significant upgrades to all of our computer hardware which has streamlined our creative process.

We are now using the latest Intel i7 processors in all of our PCs, including our render farm. This will allow us to distribute a much larger workload whilst still maintaining a high level of productivity on other tasks.

Integrating Blender Into Laser Workflow

One of the digital tools our creative team uses alongside the traditional Adobe and Autodesk Suites is open source software. LM Productions has always been an avid supporter of open source creative tools and we always strive to incorporate these programmes into our creative workflow. We’ve been using software such as Krita, GIMP, Inkspace and most frequently Blender 3D.

Blender offers superior 3D modelling tools, advanced particle and simulation systems, and excellent animation features. By incorporating Blender into our laser programming we are now able to offer a wider scope of laser animations, as well as helping us to achieve a greater level of creative freedom.

Touchscreen Programming

In the past we have had many successful interactive touchscreen projects that we have coded with Ventuz and have been able to use its fantastic features set. Chief among these was the 2015 World Expo in Milan, where we utilised Ventuz for a large number of the 3D interactive exhibition pieces.

The latest addition to our touchscreen software repertoire is Intuiface. We have recently begun to use it more exclusively due to its intuitive interface and easy setup.

Our most recent project using this software was the UN Climate Change Conference (COP 22) in Marrakech, Morocco.

Neon Noel 2016

Back by popular demand, Neon Noel 2016 was an unadulterated success!

This was the second year that we collaborated with Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce, and tens of thousands of people flocked down to Eastbourne to experience this amazing lightshow.

Using super-bright projectors and state-of-the-art laser programming, LM Productions and West End Studios were able to make Eastbourne Town Hall come alive in a wash of colour and scenes celebrating the town’s rich history, culture and spirit.

Blackout dome for the 25m Stratosphere

As part of our continuous research into new and advancing technologies, LM Productions commissioned a new specialised 25m Blackout StratoSphere at the end of 2016.

This new-generation inflatable venue is made from a completely new and innovative single layer material that prevents exterior light from shining through. This allows the Dome’s interior projection to be unaffected by the outside light, so the images and videos stay crisp, clear and at ultimate brightness. Furthermore it also enables simultaneous interior and exterior projection.

This StratoSphere has been rigorously put to the test on several shows in India where its new, thicker Blackout skin proved to have many additional benefits, including increasing the StratoSphere’s strength and durability.

PHA Pantomime Visual Effects

Once again, we assisted Paul Holman Associates (PHA) with their technical Pantomime requirements, helping them to bring magic and wonder to the stage.

We were all really excited about the Pantomime that had been chosen for Worthing Theatres – Peter Pan. To really make the production extra special, it was decided that Tinkerbell was to be crafted completely from projected special effects.

Using the LM Productions specialist production studio, we were able to bring Tinkerbell to life by compositing Chroma-keyed live footage and amazing particle effects.

VR demo with Oculus Rift

As we specialise in the immersive, we were overwhelmed to receive our very own Oculus Rift kit. There are already a multitude of ways we are planning to put these VR headsets to good use, including immersive presentations, interactive 3D visualisation, VR pods and concept development, to name a few.

The above image was created as part of a high-profile pitch, and once wearing the headset, the client was able to actually explore our design in a conceptual 3D space and truly experience the proposed environment.

We used Blender for modelling and Unity 3D to help create this app.

Surface Pro 4 for AN AR Installation

When planning an interactive or Augmented Reality (AR) exhibition piece, we always put extra care into creating flawless, smooth and intuitive user interfaces.

In our experience, customer immersion breaks almost instantaneously when the touch interface or human-to-machine interaction suffers from lags or unresponsiveness.

To avoid this, we invested in the latest Intel i7 Surface Pro 4s for our latest AR project, to ensure that user immersion remained at the highest level throughout the whole interaction, even at the most CPU performance-demanding moments.

Blender 2.78 Update

Our creative team are ecstatic as the latest version of Blender has just been released, introducing a number of new features and performance improvements.

Some of our favourite new features include spherical stereo images for VR, viewport rendering improvements (environment lighting in GLSL!),  amazing new/improved subdivision and displacement system that can create amazing tessellation effects, and most important of all, added support for Nvidia GTX 10xx cards!

RED Giant Particular update 2.6

One of the software/plugins that we regularly use during content creation is Red Giant’s Trapcode package (especially Form and Particular), and so we were very pleased to test the latest update.

This new update is much more user-friendly and has a multitude of additional features and, in our opinion, Red Giant has just raised the bar. The new particle effects are a must-try, as they can add both obvious and subtle effects to create both mood and an atmosphere in the visuals.

Company UPdates

There are a lot of new and exciting developments in the LM Productions day to day life that we think you might be interested in. As with most people these days, we like to use social media as a way to keep in touch with our viewers, but find we are limited to how much we can write about.

By introducing this new experimental section to our website, we will be able to let you know about any LM Productions updates, including what we have been up to, interesting projects we are involved with, as well as announcing any exciting new products or software.

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